Fire Damage Insurance Restoration

We know the necessary process

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Have you suffered a flood or other catastrophe? If so, you may be wondering what steps to take to restore your property. In particular, you may have questions about how to proceed with the often-daunting problem of insurance, from evaluating the damage, through securing your claim, and on to the process of renovating.

Bellamy Remodeling has worked with most insurance companies over the past 40 years – Fire Damage Insurance Restoration is part of our core services. We can quickly and accurately provide the information an insurance company requires to settle an insurance loss, along with anything else necessary.

From start to finish, we take care of it all:

  • Dispatching crews and completing any emergency work or services
  • Meeting with your insurance adjuster and you
  • Developing an estimate
  • Agreeing on a sum to repair the damages with your adjuster
  • Performing the repair work
  • Making any changes that you desire
  • Working with your lending institution to arrange the distribution of funds from the insurance proceeds
  • Completing the work as quickly as possible to enable you and your family to be in your home with all repairs complete.

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