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The Bellamy preferred approach to your project is Design/Build. It provides an integrated approach, it is cost-effective, and it is usually faster.

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is when the contractor handles the entire building process from design and architectural layout through completed construction. In many cases hiring one firm instead of two helps to streamline the process, and ensures optimum communication at all levels from start to finish.

So how does Design/Build work?

Bellamy and the client sign a design agreement to work together to design, scope and cost a project within the budget range we discuss during the initial, exploratory meeting.

After the exploratory meeting, a preliminary design is drawn and presented to the homeowner. Revisions are made if requested, and, once clients (you) approve the plans, a proposal is prepared. This process includes a visit to the work site with trade contractors, selections mades, a written comprehensive scope of work, a firm price and length of job. Upon acceptance, a construction contract is signed. This process creates “one stop shopping” for the homeowner. More important, it allows the homeowner to get to know us and what it is like to work together well before the build gets underway.

What if I prefer my own architect?

We are happy to work with your design professional. In fact, Bellamy’s collaborative approach can add value in the planning process. By engaging in our firm early on, you and your architect can get the benefit of a builder’s feedback and input before the plans are completed.

What about cost?

It goes without saying that this needs to be known before the build moves forward. Without doing the research and providing the quote we cannot say beforehand – not on the basis of an “idea.” However, we will truthfully state that it will cost more than you thought it would when you first started thinking about the project. Why? The more you learn, the more you realize how many different things need to be done to make the build meet your expectations. As the planning proceeds the scope of the work expands, at least a little bit. This is normal – we want to make sure you understand.

That said, Bellamy Remodeling has a strong record of coming in on-budget – and sometimes under-budget.

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